Accessories – perfect for you

Discover our carefully designed accessory system and get ready for a tidier future.
When you choose an Express wardrobe, you’ve chosen abundant space. Or more aptly: you’ve chosen abundant, flexible space that you can structure, personalize and tailor to suit your clothes – all with the help of accessories. Whatever you want to tidy away, protect or hide: we have the perfect interior solution for you. And each individual accessory is cleverly designed to ensure that you can find everything in the twinkling of an eye.


Interior drawers

Drawer organisers protect delicate fabrics and ensure that even overfilled underwear drawers stay tidy. Friction can quickly damage silk and lace so expensive underwear requires plenty of space. Pull-out interior drawers are available with decor or glass fronts. Individual storage boxes or pull-out baskets offer alternative solutions.


Fold it down, pull it out, and hang it up

Banish chaos from your wardrobe, never search again. With our clever organiser systems, everything is at your fingertips when you look for it in the morning. So you can relax into the day. With a swing-down hanging rail, pull-out trouser or tie holder, shoe rack or hook rail, a wardrobe from Express Möbel means you have chosen space – lots of it.


Interior mirror

If someone else is occupying the bathroom (again) and time is short, we have the perfect make-up alternative. Simply unfold the wardrobe’s integrated mirror and you’re ready to go! The pull-out interior mirror and telescope mirror can be mounted anywhere in the wardrobe.


Interior & exterior lighting

Romantic lighting to enchant your bedroom. Special clip-on lights for your wardrobe create subtle lighting accents and a warm, cosy atmosphere. And when it's dark in the bedroom and your sweetheart is still asleep, our sensor-controlled wardrobe interior lighting is the perfect solution. It subtly illuminates the wardrobe and helps you to find what you’re seeking – even in the dark.